• Happy Belly Probiotics manufacture high quality probiotic kombucha and water kefir sodas which are batch brewed in Billinudgel.

  • Delicious, naturally flavoured and made with certified organic ingredients sourced as close to home as possible.

  • Happy Belly Probiotics also produce kombucha Scoby Brew Kits to make your own delicious beverage at home.

On tap in select cafes, bottles distributed locally and throughout the East Coast.

Happy Belly Probiotics was born from a quest to find a healthy alternative for sugar-loaded soft drinks that offer next to no nutritional value. Happy Belly drinks have little to no sugar yet satisfies and nourishes the consumer. Water Kefir Soda is rich in beneficial probiotics and helps the immune system and supports a good bacterial balance in the gut and brain.

Kombucha is widely known as a digestive aid and is also packed with beneficial probiotics and anti-oxidants. At Happy Belly Probiotics the Kombucha is batch brewed for maximum potency and lovingly flavoured with real blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry or passion fruit.

Happy Belly Probiotics Water Kefir Soda is also batch brewed in Billinudgel and comes in a variety of flavours including Ginger & Turmeric, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Crush, Zesty Lime, Apple Pear, Strawberry with Lime Splash, and Mixed Berry.